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How Can I Join the Church 
Membership implies higher expectations and greater commitment. You are now ready to discover what it means to follow Christ, how to get connected at City of Hope and explore service opportunities that fit you.

There are two options in joining City of Hope:

1.    Public Acceptance of the invitation by Pastor Jones

At the conclusion of our worship service, Pastor Jones will offer an invitation to become part of City of Hope.  Once you have accepted the invitation by Pastor Jones or another minister, you are now ready to begin New Citizens Class.

2.    Sign up online 

If you don't feel comfortable with accepting publically, please select the link (Click Here) and complete the new citizen form.  A staff member will follow up with you to schedule a meet and greet and New Citizens Class.

It is required that all members complete New Citizens Class.   New Citizen Classes provide an opportunity for fellowship with other individuals who have expressed the desire to join this local assembly. Through these classes you will discover the importance of discipleship and growing as a believer through small group studies, importance of stewardship, and pertinent information concerning City of Hope. We will provide in depth information about the mission, vision, values and purpose of City of Hope and explore your spiritual gifts so that you can become connected in Ministry.

New Citizen Classes are offered every 1-3 Sunday (8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.). 

For more information about citizenship at City of Hope Church contact the church office at admin@cityofhopeatl.org.

Where are you located?
We are located at 1242 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30032 (the lot behind Auto Zone).

How can I contact you?
Church office - (678) -974-7187
Church email - admin@cityofhopeatl.org

What are the service times?
Sunday Worship Service - 10AM
 Wednesday Christian Education Classes - 7:30 PM  (Classes are not offered during June and July)
Watch Night Service - 10:30PM

Is child care provided during worship services?
Childcare is provided during all Sunday worship services. 
When do you celebrate Communion?
Every first Sunday the Lord's Supper is served.
May I take communion if I am not a member?
If you are a professing Christian of whatever tradition, you are welcome at Christ's table.

Does the Church offer marital/premarital counseling?
Yes, The City of Hope does offer premarital/marital counseling. For more information please email the church office at admin@cityofhopeatl.org.

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